"What Love Got to do With It"

"Proceed with Caution"

"Author Mary Allen (Prince)"

I pray that this book will not only be a blessing to you, but it will lead you, deliver you...........


"Poetic Soul Cries"

Author Sharon Mosley

A collection of powerful poems and prayers that address some of today's most important and controversial social concerns.


"The Girl She Was - The Woman She is"​

Grown In God's Grace  

"Author Deloris Harris Tyree"
In this book are the memoirs of a hometown girl.  Her story of her life until she became thirsty for the Lord.  All of the trials, tribulations, faults, failures & other events she endured before & after giving God a YES!


"Check Your Attitude"

"Author Dr.Rhonda Ferguson"

Dr. Ferguson gives insight on those who are true citizens of the Kingdom of God.


"Walk In the Spirit with The Living God"

"Author Cheryl Tyler"

As the Lord spoke to m, I dictated what he said.  Never did I realize that He was giving me the beginnings to this book.


"If You Judge Me By My Past: The Beginning"

​"Author Glenn E. McGilvery"

With this book of personal testimory & poems I hope to inspire, nourish, & motivate each reader to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.


"Important Keys To Teach Effectively"​

"Author Michelle Whitehead"

The author has a great way of teaching you how to live your life effectively with the word of God.

$24.95  Sale Price $17.95



​"Blessed Trinity Comics" 

"Author & Illustrator Charles B. Quarles II"

See how the stories in this comics book touch your heart and life situations and bring you back to Christ!


"Life After The Kids In God's Plan"

"Author Jimmie Gyamerah"

This is an autobiographic journal written by the founder of JDI Publisher while going through life after the kids left home.  What to do with her life and the plans God had for her.

$15.95       Sale Price $10.00

"Was God Invited"?

"Author Alice R. Lee"

You ask how you would know if God put us together or not. Read in this book if God was invited to your relationship, to your wedding or to your Heart?

$10.00   Sale $5.50

"Start Your Monday With The Master"

"Author Toni Young"

Uplifting & Empowering Message for Educators to Start their work week. (A must read).

$14.95 ​

"Inspite Of Never Give Up"

"Author R.M. White"

This author have had the privilege to  lived an interested life.  Read about the good, bad & sometimes ugly issues.

( A must read).


DVD on 8 Steps


"How to Self-Publish"

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