Jimmie Gyamerah CEO & Founder of Jonique Design, Inc.,  JDI Publisher,  JDI Ministry (Jesus Delivery International Ministry)  is a native of Nashville, TN.  She is a self-taught Abstract Expressionism Prophetic Artist, Graphic Designer, Author, Publisher, Apostle, Talk Show Host, Web Builder  & Motivation Speaker who has been creating art in a variety of arts and crafts mediums for over three decades.  She is also know for creating unique jewelry, which she sold in home shows and military bases.  She holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising and her love for art was inspired by her mother.  But the inspiration for her artistic style comes from the Holy Spirit.  Her vision is to promote her work as a cross-cultural vehicle to educate and expose the depths of abstract art that everyone posses.  It is through this venue that she believes abstract expressionism art reveals the love, music, color, and spirituality of the southern culture as well as all culture.





Jonique Design, Inc., is a Minority Woman own business which was establish in 2000 as a visual art company.​  Our publishing division was establish in the fall of 2009 and the theater division in summer of 2011.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expose and enlighten all cultures to the Abstract Expression Art World.  Our objective is to give a deeper understanding of the arts as a way to develop inner-self/spirit through Visual Art, Theater Art and Literary Writing.


​At Jonique Design, Inc School of the Arts believe that art is one way to stimulate the body, peak the mind, and soothe the soul.  We believe that each individual has the natural God-given talent, skills and ability to create positive changes and healing in their lives.


As a Fundraiser

Jonique Design, Inc., School of the Arts will team with sponsoring groups, organization, clubs or agencies to offer educational classes and /or workshops.  We are dedicated to helping others reach their financial goals through fundraising projects.

Suggested workshops may be any or all of the following:

Visual Art:"The theory of Painting" and "Introduction to Canvas" students learn to express themselves purely using different styles, techniques, form, and color using painting as a visual art.

Literary Writing: Participants will learn the importance of good writing skills by creating their own book.  The participants can publish their book with our publishing company JDI Publisher.

Theater Art:  Students will be trained to articulate themselves in an entirely different art medium.  They will learn drama styles, techniques, and various acting methods in order to create and write a script, act and direct a play and video.